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For some years I have known the medical office software called “Consulta Práctica®”. Undoubtedly, it has remained an excellent alternative to paid programs for keeping a database of patients who come to the clinic, allowing the clinical record to be kept. Its author is Dr. Ignacio Mario Morales Flores, General Surgeon and Programmer.

Nowadays it is essential for doctors to have electronic data systems where they can securely protect their patients’ information, which will allow them to save time and space, as well as help them with the portability of the information. That is precisely what Consulta Práctica® does.

Let’s see below the benefits of Consulta Práctica®

Screenshot courtesy of Dr. Ignacio M. Morales Flores

Answers to doubts about Consulta Práctica®

On the website of this electronic medical history program you will find a frequently asked questions section where you can see most of your doubts answered (see later on the download site), as well as other sections full of information about its main features.

Screenshot courtesy of Dr. Ignacio M. Morales Flores

Features of the Electronic Medical Record program

The features of this digital medical history program are:

  • Data protection, user management and passwords.
  • Identification form with photo of the patient.
  • Reliability and robustness of years of experience.
  • It is possible to attach clinical photographs and PDF documents to the stories by removing office paper.
  • Recipe management,
  • Story Report
  • Appointments management.
  • Database to register drugs in addition to other indications.
  • Use of the International Classification of Diseases ICD-10.
  • Easy searches of the data.
  • Spell checker for doctors with a 1,035,000 word file.
  • It is possible to make a monthly backup automatically.
  • Possibility of recording backup on external media.
  • Help system with the F1 key
  • Dr. Morales offers the extra technical assistance at no cost to those who request it.
  • It’s free!!

Image of a patient attached to an electronic medical record:

Screenshot courtesy of Dr. Ignacio M. Morales Flores

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