DNA Tests at Home

DNA test

Doing DNA tests online is a possibility nowadays with a few simple steps. Through technological advances, DNA tests have become accessible and have significantly reduced costs, some very general and others quite specialized at a relatively reasonable price. Many of these tests can be purchased in packages containing a bottle … Read more

Putting on compress stockings for varicose veins

Put compress stockings

Putting on stockings for varicose veins does not have the same difficulty for all people, there are those who, due to physical limitations, cannot do it properly or need assistance, we will talk about causes and possible solutions to this problem. Requiring help to put on compression stockings by itself … Read more

Electronic Health Record EHR for Free Download

Electronic Medical Record

For some years I have known the medical office software called “Consulta PrĆ”cticaĀ®”. Undoubtedly, it has remained an excellent alternative to paid programs for keeping a database of patients who come to the clinic, allowing the clinical record to be kept. Its author is Dr. Ignacio Mario Morales Flores, General … Read more

Psychology books for free download (in Spanish)

Books for download

Here we show you: 21 psychology books for free download Available to download for free from the Virtual Library of the National University of La Plata. These books are produced by the different Academic Units of the institution, which is why we promote their reading as academic review material: YOU … Read more

Free Geriatrics book (in Spanish)

Geriatrics book

Geriatrics is a medical specialty in great demand. With the prolongation of the population’s life expectancy, the care of the elderly is increasingly required, the number of geriatric patients who will come to our office will be more and more. The Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology has made available … Read more

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