Glucometers, how these are used to measure blood glucose

Glucometers are equipment that we frequently encounter to measure blood glucose. We will see what they are and how to use them, then we will review which ones have the best evaluations for their users.

What is a glucometer?

A glucometer is a portable device that is used to measure the blood glucose (amount of blood sugar) in a subject independently of his/her location.

How is the sample taken to determine blood glucose?

We generally follow the next steps to measure blood glucose with a digital glucometer

Steps to measure blood glucose with a digital glucometer

1- Washing of hands and asepsis of a finger with alcohol.

2- We will take a small sample of capillary blood extracted by puncturing the pulp of a finger in its lateral area. The procedure takes a very short time and is not very painful. For this you can use automatic lancet devices that make the puncture somewhat insignificant and usually come with the glucometer. Each used lancet must be discarded, making sure not to leave its sharp area uncovered for everyone’s protection.

3- Then the blood sample will be placed in an area destined for it on a small test strip that is made for this equipment. The strips are not compatible with all equipment, each brand usually has its compatible strip, in some glucometers the number corresponding to a code that we will find in the box or container of the test strips must be entered before, this is usually done only once for each package of strips. These strips are discarded after each use and sold in many pharmacies. It is very important to check the expiration date and compatibility with our glucometer equipment before buying them.

4 – After placing the strip in the space that the glucometer has for examination in a few seconds the device will tell us the value of the sample’s blood glucose.

Many computers include memory storage to keep the latest recorded blood glucose values but we recommend using an application or keeping a simple notebook with the day, time and value obtained with every measurement.

Take note of this excellent video that shows the step by step of how to measure blood glucose (in spanish).

Guide to measure blood glucose level (in spanish)


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