Putting on compress stockings for varicose veins

Putting on stockings for varicose veins does not have the same difficulty for all people, there are those who, due to physical limitations, cannot do it properly or need assistance, we will talk about causes and possible solutions to this problem.

Requiring help to put on compression stockings by itself is not really something so strange if we understand that varicose disease advances progressively with age, since the most common cases for this are the placement of socks for venous insufficiency in older people. with difficulties in mobility.

Causes that make it difficult to wear socks for varicose veins when you don’t have help

1.       Motor problems:

Elderly people, people with degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, people with neurological disorders such as paralysis secondary to a stroke or a brain tumor. It should be noted that motor problems that induce venous stasis are a risk factor for venous thrombosis and in these patients knowing the means to prevent thromboembolic disease is of great importance.

2.      Limitations on flexion due to abdominal volume:

Advanced pregnancies, obesity.

How can I solve putting the stockings for varicose veins if it is difficult for me to do it alone

For this, the solutions to be proposed are several:

1.-  It is very important that the doctor specializing in vascular diseases directly assess how the patient puts on the socks, this could detect possible failures in the technique and provide some solutions.

2.-  If the patient maintains some independence, he may choose to acquire some of the devices that exist to facilitate placement independently, although they can also be used with assistance. Here I show you some of them:

aparato para colocar las medias para varices, donner Jobst

This model with steel frame is ideal for those who have a restricted bending movement or limited use of their hands and who are going to place the socks alone, can also be used assisted by another person. It works best for short socks that cover the calf. Be careful not to leave the wrinkled stocking up as it could act as a tourniquet, you should check that it is smooth and stretched.

aparato para poner las medias para varices, donner

This model is a favorite. It is recommended to be used by another person who is going to place the stockings on the patient, although 85% of patients can use it alone. Very useful to put the stockings without wrinkles and in men to not pull the hairs. here is a video describing the use of the device:

3.- Another possibility is to ask a person to collaborate with the patient in putting them on every day.

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