Compress Stockings for varicose veins, what to do if these cause pain in the fingers

The pain in the toes can be an annoying side-effect of compress stockings for varicose veins. Some people have increased sensitivity in the toes that transforms into pain after spending a few minutes using them. This effect can happen without apparent injury, even manifesting itself in younger people. In other cases it will be caused by a local injury and should be treated by a doctor.

This increased sensitivity and pain in the fingers with the use of compression stockings can even bring patients to feel overwhelmed mere minutes after putting on the stockings, causing them to take them off sooner than expected.

Solutions for pain and hypersensitivity in the toes

This situation of discomfort can cause patients to abandon the use of the stockings, fortunately there are alternatives developed by the manufacturers of these products to alleviate the pressure on the fingers caused by the graduated compression stockings. For these cases, socks are made with open toes.

The existence of this type of stockings solves the problem with pain in the fingers, however, the quality of the product also influences this. There are socks with no cover for the fingers and no apparent seams on the foot that are very comfortable, while there are others that have a hem where the stocking seam ends turning into another source of discomfort. For the problems of increased sensitivity I recommend seamless socks, they are not the cheapest but in my own experience using them I can assure you that in terms of socks, cheap can become expensive. Compressive stockings of good quality can be very durable and bring you from a state of discomfort to one of total satisfaction, without pain and without the discomfort of venous insufficiency.

Open toe compression stockings that I used with formidable design:

The “Jobst Ultrasheer”, a champion in design and comfort, you must verify its size, height and degree of compression indicated. Use them according to your criteria and medical indication.

Open-toe stockings are also usually an excellent alternative for use with sandals, in certain models that do not fully uncover the foot these can excellently go unnoticed.

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